Book Report forms for Young Readers

🦋 Lesson time! 📝

🦋 When we were at the FGCU🦅 literacy📚event many of the younger groups were working on the difference between the
👩🏼‍💻author and the 👩🏼‍🎨 illustrator.

🦋Here are two book report forms that can be used at two different elementary levels. Noticed a spot for the author and illustrator? 😊👍🏼

🦋Also, check out the author & illustrator song to help younger kids remember which is which!
🎶 🎼 🎵

🦋Song Link:

Book Report 3rd +


This is a fun & simple project that even the littles can particpate in! Bonus points as most of the material you already have around the house!!!!

Chromatography 🌈 with “In Time Butterfly” 🦋by Amanda Derrick and Jessica Tukaj

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Butterfly Soap!

With flu season still loomng over our heads, why don’t we make washing our hands fun?!? Watch our video on how you can create your own soap with fun surprises inside!

Activity Time!!! With “In Time Butterfly”Perfect for cold/flu season. Soap! 😂❤️🦋

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Friendship Challenge

Last weekend, we had the honor of attending the College of Education at Florida Gulf Coast University’s Literacy Festival. We loved meeting our young fans and hearing their feedback! The visit was also near and dear to our hearts as we both graduated from Florida Gulf Coast University (both with Bachelor and Master’s degrees)! During our time with the students, we issued a friendship challenge. Did you know that one of our themes in “In Time Butterfly” is strengthening of friendship between two seemingly different butterflies? Check out our video for a fun friendship challenge:

We will be busy tomorrow at the FGCU Literacy event. So, we are posting our February 1st activity one day early. We will be presenting this friendship challenge in our lessons tomorrow at FGCU!Also, welcome to new visitors to our page!We do our best to post lessons and activities on the 1st and the 15th of the month. Hope you enjoy our book 🦋”In Time Butterfly”🦋 And if you do… We really appreciate sharing of our page! ❤️

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